Spray-on Foam Insulation applied to wooden walls

Spray-On Foam Insulation
applied to an interior ceiling.

Spray-on Foam Insulation in a Boone NC home

Spray-On Foam Insulation
applied to an interior wall.

A small monolithic community.

Quonset buildings are difficult to insulate, but they still need to be insulated like a traditional structure. SprayMan foam insulation strengthens metal structures, eliminates condensation, stays intact for years, and elimintates "sagging". SprayMan can insulate the interor or exterior of your buildings. With SprayMan you'll save money on your power bills, gain interior space, and pro-long the life of your structure.

We serve: Boone N.C., Banner Elk NC, Wilkesboro, North Wilkesboro, Winston Salem, Statesville, Mooresville, Piedmont NC, Huntersville, Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, Hickory, Asheville, Morganton, Lenior, Lincolnton, West Jefferson, Sparta, Salisbury, Kannapolis, Concord, Blowing Rock, Elkin, Western NC, SW Virginia, East Tennessee and NW SC.




Spray-on Foam Insulation

Spray Man Foam Insulation is the preferred commercial and residential insulation quality homes and businesses in North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. Fiberglass Insulation does not offer the protection or heating and cooling savings spray foam can. Spray Man insulation is made of polyurethane foam, which is the most energy efficient insulation in the world.

The liquid insulation is pumped through pressurized spray nozzles – as it forms to the surface of your attic, basement, roof or walls, it expands to form a continuous insulating barrier. Spray-on foam dramatically increases the energy efficiency of homes.

Families today face problems that were not even issues when conventional insulation was developed: rising energy costs, unwanted noise, allergies, asthma and mold. NC Homeowners are beginning to appreciate the increasingly important role insulation plays in their lives.

Historical Homes - Easily insulated by SprayMan!

Historical homes can easily be insulated for much higher energy savings. Spray foam insulation can be injected into an existing wall or ceiling.

Spray Foam insulation creates a sound barrier, far superior to fiberglass insulation. Town homes, condos and home theaters can be sound proofed with Spray Man Foam Insulation.

Foam insulation creates an air barrier system that protects homes from the adverse health and economic effects of air leakage.

Foam Insulation provides a huge savings on heating and air conditioning costs throughout the life of the building. It can provide a return of up to 30%-40% in lower heating and A/C costs and help build equity in your home.

Foam Insulation Foam Injection

Unlike Polyurethane, which can be extremely flammable and emit large amounts of toxic gasses when burning, Foam Insulation will not drip or support combustion when subjected to fire, and the by-products of combustion are less toxic than those released from the burning of white pine, which is commonly used in residential home construction.

Foam Insulation was specifically designed and formulated as a highly efficient thermal and acoustical cavity fill insulation. For over 40 years, it has been specified and installed in more than 390 million square feet of new and existing commercial and residential construction.

Foam Insulation has been used extensively in schools, hospitals, universities, and residential housing as insulation and soundproofing. Also, with its extreme fire resistance, Foam Insulation has been used to increase the fire ratings of interior and separation walls where deficiencies exist.

How Foam Insulation Works

Foam Insulation resin is composed of countless numbers of Phenolic based, methylene linked, polymers. When the resin is combined with our Foam Insulation foaming agent, a synthetic catalyst causes a molecular cross-linking to occur. Within 60 seconds, the initial set or gelling has taken place. From this point on, the foam continues to cure and attain its final properties. Curing takes place regardless of whether the foam is exposed to open air, or is confined in a totally closed vessel such as a steel tank. The final cured cellular product is neutral in pH and is non-corrosive to steel, copper and aluminum.






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