Monolithic Home in Arizona

A small monolithic community

Monolithic Home in Arizona

Monolithic Home


Monolithic Insulation

A monolithic dome (from Greek mono- and -lithic, meaning "one stone") is a structure cast in one piece over a form, usually of concrete or similar structural material. There are many advantages of a dome-shaped structure. These domes are strong enough to be Hurricane and Tornado proof all while being the most efficient building system in the world! The strength is due to the natural strength of the arch, and the efficiency is due to the minimal surface area of a spherical section. BUT, THESE STRUCTURES ARE VERY HARD TO INSULATE.

These monolithic structures still need to be insulated like a traditional structure. This was a problem in the past, but SprayMan has the solution! SprayMan Foam insulation can be applied to the interior or exterior of all building types with ease. The foam fills all contours of the dome and offers the best insulation available for monolithic structures. Save interior space by foam insulating. No framework taking up valuable space.






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