Fall Out Shelters

Insulated Storm Shelters: Safe rooms and storm shelters have become a popular addition to new homes and numerous families are adding them to their existing dwelling.  With the weather, politics and generally peace of mind, storm shelters can provide security for a family that helps many parents sleep better at night.

Whether built into the home or new construction underground a secure room or dwelling for a family has become a topic of conversation for families across the US.  Even in NC where hurricane season in September poses our most weather related threat, many home owners are considering safe rooms for political concerns as well.

Regardless of the reason, safe rooms and storm shelters must be insulated, that’s where we come in.  Spray Man Spray Foam Insulation creates a water proof barrier for your safe room.  If underground, a water barrier is critical for keeping moisture and eventually mold from entering your shelter.  Another benefit is the sound barrier spray foam provides, this is especially beneficial for indoor safe rooms and shelters.






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